How to Make a Buzz Lightyear Cake

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Try get a drawing or pic

Mine but did not turn out like this lol

Mix your cake mix

Put in your baking tray I use spray and cook to make sure it dos not stick

Get your fondant ready use corn flour to stop it from sticking

Wear gloves or you will have green hands lol color your fondant

Mix till the color is consistent

Try match your colors to the photo of buzz light year

Cover and set aside

More colors

Make your little space aliens

Once done use a brush to paint some water on it to get a shine and place in the fridge

Looking good

Once your cakes are backed let them cool

Cut to match your planes

I use Chocolate icing

Chocolate icing

Cut small pieces of cake and layer the facial Feathers

Sprinkle some cornflower down to stop the fondant from sticking

Roll out your fondant lost of corn flower to stop it from sticking


Cut the strips you need


Gently roll it on to a stick so you can move it and cover the body


Roll out your color fondant and lay over your cake


Use a brush and water to smooth out the fondant


Place around the head


Heads all done


Making the body


Place it all tougher using icing


Use water to brush everything note how you use bits of cake to make the parts of the body stand out


Place it all on your tray


Star adding the eyes and mouth


Get it all put tougher


Final touches


Use Candies to Decorate the cake remembering dos not have to be Perfect kids love it just the way it is


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions enjoy

Watch the video: Buzz Lightyear Inspired Cake How-To

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