How to Create a Small Succulent Arrangement

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I received this one as a gift, but as you can see my cat ate the poor plant to a nub (RIP). Now that I can't have indoor plants, I'm cleaning it up nice for my mom's Mothers Day present!

Anyway, it's still easy to start from scratch. Collect a square glass vase, and 3 sizes of stonessand, small rocks, and slightly larger pebbles. These will be layered to give a gradient effect.

Next, bring home your baby succulent. I chose this one, but I don't recommend anything much larger. Mom's gonna love this! Cost ~$4.

Mark a plastic bottle with a sharpie where you want to cut to create the plant's new "pot" and cut with a serrated knife (but use a cutting board). I'll show you how to measure where to cut next 👉

I used a medium sized plastic bottle with a similar diameter to the pot the plant came in, and I cut the bottom to be a little shorter. Too tall, and you'll mix up the different layers placing it in.

With scissors, cut down the side of the plastic pot, then pull out carefully and loosen up the roots a little over the plastic bottle. If this is an inside craft, lay something down to catch the soil.

Transplant the succulent into its new home. Don't even think about it kittehs!

Fill vase half way with equal layers of sand first, then small rocks. The new "pot"'s top should be level with the top of the vase. You can see we're gonna have to squish down into the rock layer.

Squish him in there until you can't see the plastic above the vase. I had to go back and trim a little bit, and found it looks cleaner if the plastic is a tad below the line.

Now fill the larger pebbles around the plant to create a level top layer. It looks better if the pebbles are just a tad below the top and not overcrowded.

But make sure to get all around the crevices between the plants and the soil to hide the shiny plastic.

There! Flat and even around all four corners, just below the height of the vase.

Finished! Just remember to water the little fellah in his new environment.

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