How to Make a Cigarette Disappear. (Magic Trick)

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using your tongue, lick this part of your thumb from the tip of your nail, covering your nail, to your knuckle

bend your thumb, take the cigarrette and press it against the area that you just licked

when you let go from pressing, you should notice that the cigarette sticks to your finger. it is key to the trick that you form a good seal and that you feel the paper is sticking to your thumb

now approach the victim- hold the cigarette as shown in the video and move your hand up to their eyes to show them your cigarette - keep your hand high relative to their line of sight

when you are ready to make the cigarette disappear, just flip your thumb back quickly (a bit faster than the speed of the video). you can move your hands around showing the palms of your hands

don't rotate your hands and keep the palms facing the victim. to make the cigarrete reappear, move your hand towards the victim's ear and out of their line of sight, then move your thumb back

Watch the video: Vanishing cigarette trick revealed - Magic Exposed

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