How to Do a Simple Card Trick

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This is a very simple trick which looks great but will take some practice so do it on a friend before you take it to the general public

Take out the jokers

Take the top card

Turn it over

And put it back on the deck and turn the whole deck over so it is upside down now you are ready to start the trick

Fan out the cards in your hand and tell the person you are doing the trick too to pick a card

Make sure its a free choice.

Tell them to memorise their card. This will make them look at their card again whilst they are doing this turn the deck upside down again so that the upside down card is on top

Then tell them to WIGGLE the card anywhere in the deck, it is important you say wiggle so they don't lift up any cards to make room for their card and see the deck is upside down!

Then flatten out the deck so its square then take it behind your back and take the top card (upside down card)

And turn it, without looking, the right way up. While you're doing this tell the audence you will try and bring their card to the top of the deck

Now turn the deck over and bring it back round the front of your body

So it looks like this

Watch the video: NO SETUP - Card Trick Tutorial

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