How to Use a Geek Magic 8 Ball

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Ask your clever "yes" or "no" question. You can ask it in your head, but proper 8 Ball etiquette suggests you should say it out loud.

Shake the Geek Magic 8 Ball vigorously.

Sometimes the Geek Magic 8 Ball is unable to see through time and space to respond to your query.

"Meh" is a geek / hipster expression of indifference- like "who cares?" or "I don't care". It's equivalent to the Geek Magic 8 Ball shrugging its shoulders in response to your question.

This is one way for the Geek Magic 8 Ball to say "no". If the answer to your question is "laughing out loud" you can bet the Geek Magic 8 Ball thinks its not happening.

"Fail" is a mire direct way to say "no". There's not much room for misinterpreting "Fail".

Then there are ways for the Geek Magic 8 Ball to say "yes"-- like "Win" or an emoticon smiley face.

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