How to Solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube Using Algorithms

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To start with I will need to explain the algorithms to you. Each algorithm will be shown in symbol form. Here are the symbols.

This is up (U)

This is down (D)

This is right (R)

This is left (L)

This is front (F)

This is normal, there is no symbol. It goes clockwise from the direction it's facing.

This is inverted (I) it goes counterclockwise from the side it's facing.

Therefore this example algorithm is up, right, right inverted, down inverted or U R RI DI.

Understand you must treat the sides as though you are facing them, so right and left get turned different ways. In this case the algorithm here is R LI R L.

You want to start by making the plus sign on the top, I prefer to use the green side. To get the plus you find the color that matches both the top and the front. Continue on next page

When you find the correct piece, manipulate it to go directly under where it needs to go then do F F

Sometimes when you get it under where it needs to go you end up like this. A simple algorithm to get it flipped is to get the piece directly under and do F. then do the algorithm FI LI UI.

After you get the plus with all the middle pieces matching along the outside we move to the corner pieces. You get the correct corner under or on where it needs to be then keep doing...

RI DI R D until it goes to the correct place, in this case it only took one time.

When you get all the corners finished, flip your project over. Match a top color to the middle color then find out which way it goes to line up middle colors. Here it went right.

The right algorithm is U R UI RI UI FI U F The left algorithm, that I will show you, is UI LI U L U F UI FI.

This is what it looks like doing the left version. If you see a block you need do the algorithm to get it out and then do another to put it in the right place.

Now that you have the second row move to the top. If you see a dot in the middle and not the backwards l or line then do the algorithm F R U RI UI FI. If its the backward l put it on the upper left...

And do that same algorithm and if you get a line make it so it faces side to side then do this algorithm. Of you see little extra blue pieces like I pointed out, just ignore them. Get a plus of blue.


Now you want to get the top side pieces to match the middle ones by either getting them to match in front and back, like first, or right side and back, like second. If it is front and back do...


R U RI U R U U RI and if it's lined up right and back then do the same algorithm but add one more U to the end.


Now what you have to do is line up the top corner pieces so they are in the right spot, but don't have to be flipped the right way, in this case I got lucky and it solved. It won't always do that.


To get them in correct spots, don't have to be flipped right just have to have right colors in right spot, you look for one already in its place and put it on the right side and do the algorithm...


U R UI LI U RI UI L. if you end up with none in the correct spots, like me, do the algorithm anywhere until one pops up.


In this'd one I had two that had the right colors in the right spot but just not facing the right direction. So we get them on the right side and do the beginning algorithm RI DI R D until it gets...


Lined up correctly and then you spin the top until you get on the next correct spotted one and do the algorithm. Once you did all the corners it will automatically line up and you will have a...


Finished rubik's cube!

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