How to Remove Automotive Window Tint the Ghetto Way

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Grab your steam mop, or steamer, and fill with water. You will use the steam to help loosen the glue so that you have no sticky residue on the glass. It will also help pull the tint off much easier.

Take your box cutter razor blade and peel a tiny bit of tint off top corner window. Steam top half where you made your incision first. Steam tint in quarters and start from top to bottom.

As you apply steam for 45 sec, start to slowly pull on the tint where you made your incision. It should start to pull out smoothly. Stop & apply more steam when it starts to get more difficult to pull

Repeat process for bottom half. Work slowly and be patient. You can start cutting pieces of the tint off if it gets in your way.

If you have tiny bits of glue residue on your window, you can apply some goo gone to remove it. Take extra caution to remove tint on a rear defrosted window.

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