How to Bake a Spice Cake With Rye Flour

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Do yourself a favor and use whole spices.

Roast your spices.

I use a coffee grinder only for spices.

Use at basting brush to get all the spices.

Grind the cinnamon

I just love these diamonds. You can substitute them with any dry fruit, or not put any dry fruit in at all

Combined the liquids

Mix the ammonium bicarbonate in to the rye flour and add to the liquids

Put in a well greased baking tin. Bake for one and a half to two hours, at 350 f. The ammonium bicarbonate will of smell of ammonium while baking There won't be any ammonium in the finished cake.

Test if is done Put your pin in the middle of the cake, not in the crack. The taste of the spices will develop over time.

You eat it with butter spread on it. If you are a dare devil try it with strong cheese. Will keep for 1-2 month wrapped in paper and placed in a plastic bag. Store at room temp.

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