How to Play the Viola

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What am I gonna need?

A case, viola, stand, rosin ...

a bow, chin rest, shoulder rest and sheet music

Buy a viola that fits your size. If you don't know you can ask a store employee.

Its important to tighten your bow otherwise you can't play. Use the bottom tip to tighten it but not too much.

Next you want to tune your instrument so you get the right sound. You can tune using the pegs or the four nobs(fine tuners) at the bottom of the instrument.

From left to right the strings are C,G,D and A

You want to put your left hands thumb in first postion and your fingers should curve over to touch the stings.

First postion on the first piece of tape

second postion

To have third postion put your next finger right behind the one on second postion

Extend your pinkie to the third piece of tape to have fourth postion

A shoulder rest is needed to help you hold up your viola.

Place it on the bottom back of the viola

You should hold the instrument in this postion using your left arm and putting yout chin on the chin rest

Rosin helps the sound. To apply take your bow and rub it up and down on the rosin.

To make a sound simply move the bow up and down on the string you want

You an pick a particular son or buy a beginner strings book at the store. Place it on the stand so its easy to read while playing

To play a higher note you simply play the next postion and keep moving strings


this is just an example of an easy tune to playmary had a little lamb

Watch the video: Viola beginner routine part 2


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