How to Make Pearl Millet Bread (Bajra Roti)

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Chop capsicum and onion

Grind peas and corn kernels.

Make a paste like this of peas and corn kernels.

Put pearl millet flour in a bowl.

Add the chopped veges and paste salt to taste and some red Chilli powder.

Bind all together u mit need some etc water but depends on da consistency of your paste. The dough should look like in the pic not too hard not to soft.

Take butter paper or u can take a hard plastic cut into 2 squares an put the rounded dough between the paper .

Press with your hand so that you can flatten it .

Flatten it like this .

Then remove from the paper and put on a hot pan and cook on both sides.

Apply butter or oil while cooking on both sides.

Cook till golden brown serve with your favorite curry :)

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