How to Put on Bicycle Handlebar Tape

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Unwrap your old bar tape and give it to the cat to play with.

Unbox your bar tape. (also called 'cork')

Find in the box, or cut two strips of tape, four inches long each.

Place them alog the back of the bar, behind the levers and wrap them forward onto the sides of the levers. (you'll see why later)

Just like-a-so.

Find one of the rolls of tape. (you should have two)

Unwrap it.

Starting at the bar end, place the underside of the tape against the underside of your bar and angle towards the back of the bike with the tail end of the tape away from the bike.

Wrap the tape backwards against the end of your bar, then begin wrapping up the bar.

Overlap about a third of the tape as you go.

When you get to the lever, go around the back side.

Wrap up, over the top of your lever, and around to the inside again.

Now cross behind the bar and over the top of your lever.

See that little triangle of tape? That's the first strip you put on. Doesn't that look much nicer than seeing your ugly bar underneath? I think so.

Just keep wrapping your junk until you get to the bulge in your bar.

You should have plenty of tape left, so bust out the scissors.

You'll want to cut this-a-way. Don't sweat it if you mess up. Just unwrap your tape a bit and make the overlap a bit less, creating more tape for a second chance.

This is how it should end up looking.

Find the piece of worthless crap peel-and-stick tape that came in the box. (Use hockey tape instead if you have it)

Put the tip of bar tape down the middle of the finishing tape so that as you wrap the finishing tape, it's half sticking to your bar and half to the bar tape.




Find your bar end plug.


Make sure the product logo is aligned appropriately! (Very important)




Perform each of the steps in mirror fashion for the other side of the bar and admire your handiwork!


NOTEIf you don't have bar end shifters like me, start at the top of the bar. Then simply shove the tail of the tape inside your bar and use the bar end plug to retain it! No finishing tape needed!

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