How to Do a Simple Card Trick

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You will need a deck of playing cards. It does not have to be a full deck. Note that this trick does not required any sleight of hand.

First pick someone to be the target of your trick. Have them thoroughly shuffle the deck in any manner that they wish. Well, any manner that won't result in your deck being damaged.

After your volunteer is done shuffling, tell them to hand the deck back to you. Without anyone noticing, take a peek at the bottom card. In this case its the A♥. Make small talk for distraction

The deck should not be shuffled from this point onwards. Ask your volunteer to pick a card, in this case it's Q♦Tell them to show it to the audience but not to you. Now make a joke about mind reading

This part is important, tell your volunteer to put his/her card ON TOP of the deck. Make more small talk to distract them from asking questions

Now CUT the deck but not shuffle and tell your volunteer to tell you when to stop. Don't worry, you can cut as many times as you want. It will not screw up the trick. RememberDo not SHUFFLE

When your volunteer tells you to stop, flip the deck over and spread them out. Pretend to be reading your volunteer's mind when, in fact, you are looking for your A♥. The card on top of it is the card

Now that you know what your volunteer's card is, the Q♦ in this case, put the deck away and say that his/her "brain signal" is not "strong" enough for you to "receive" it.

Now with the deck gone, your audience thinks that it would take a miracle for you to guess the card. And a miracle is what you have. Now announce the identity of the card in any way you wish.

Your audience will be appalled and in awe as you are now "psychic." Step back and bask in the glory! But more importantly, have fun!

Notethis trick might not seem awesome for those who know how to do it but for those who don't, it seems like real magic

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