How to Make Shishkabobs and Grilled Bread

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First take wooden sticks out of package and submerge them in water for about 15 minutes. Take out and flip them over to wet the other side for about 15 minutes as well.

Diced purple onion into larger pieces.

Dice the red, orange, and yellow peppers into large pieces and mix together in a LARGE bowl.

I diced a fresh pineapple into chunks but you can buy the can of pineapple chunks at the store as well. Do NOT throw the juice away!! It gives the veggies flavor when they are all mixed together!

Mix the purple onion with the peppers. Then mix the pineapples in the bowl as well... Along with the juice!

Mix it together well!

I diced the chicken breast into cube sized pieces. If they are too small they'll burn on the grill! Pour marinade onto the chicken along with onion, garlic, & Mrs. Dash. Mix together well & let sit.

We buy our shiskabob meat (lamb) already prepared from our favorite butcher. We just cannot marinade it the same, so for US this MUST be store bought! (let me know if you have a good marinade!)

All the ingredients are prepared to be put together on sticks, so it's time to put on the grill!!!

In no particular order begin to assemble the meat and veggies on the sticks. I keep the two meats separate because they cook at different rates.

All ready for the grill!

I put the chicken on a low to medium heat and the lamb on a bit higher heat since the meat is cut thicker. I turn them every few minutes to prevent them from burning.

The chicken was finished in approx 15-20 minutes whereas the lamb took about 20-25 minutes. Cooking time will vary based on the sized that you diced your meat.

To make the bread is far more easy! Cut a loaf of French bread in about inch pieces. In a separate pan pour olive oil and sprinkle some Italian seasoning into the oil.

Place bread in oil and make sure to coat both sides. You will definitely have to keep adding oil and seasoning since it absorbs very fast into the bread. There is my plate ready for the grill!

Place on grill! Let them sit for 3-4 minutes on each side just to warm them up and make sure they are no longer soggy from the oil.

You will see they have turned brown and they are crispy now!

There you have it! A complete and easy meal!


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