How to Make a Gum Paste Poppy

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Using the palms of your hands, roll a pea-sized piece of gum paste into the shape of a ball. Cut the 22 gauge wire into thirds.

Form the ball into a bulb shape by using your opposite finger and palm to taper one end of the ball. This will become your bud.

Flatten the top of the bud. Use the pliers to create a hook at one end of each of the cut wires. Dampen the hooked end with edible glue and inset into bulb. Secure base by pressing between fingers.

Using the knife tool, indent an 'x' on the flat side of the bud.

Use a clean paint brush to add the kiwi green dust to the entire bud.

Allow to dry for at least an hour. If using fondant, drying time is longer - overnight is best.

Split a pack of stamen into thirds and wrap each bunch with floral tape.

Insert the bud down the middle of the stamens by positioning the wire in the center. Pull through from the bottom using the bud wire. Arrange stamens to your liking.

Trim excess stamen wires (better to do so in step 8 before inserting the bud).

Here are three completed centers. Now on to the petals...

Add about 1/2 tsp. of exotic orange and poppy petal dust to colour the remaining gum paste. Knead until evenly distributed.

Take a small piece of the colored paste and use your rolling pin to roll out until almost paper thin over one of the grooves on the CelCakes board.

Place the cutter on gum paste and center over the groove. Press down firmly and evenly to cut out the petal shape.

Peel away excess paste and remove cutter.

Turn the petal over. Cut four 26 gauge floral wires into thirds and lightly dampen one end with edible glue.

Slowly and carefully insert the wire into the ridge, using your fingers to guide the wire.

Carefully transfer the wired petal to the veiner.

Place the matching veiner piece over the petal and press lightly, but firmly.

Remove top piece of veiner and slowly and carefully lift off the petal. You may need to flex the veiner slightly to help release the petal. DO NOT use the wire to lift out the petal.


Transfer to foam pad and use the ball tool to thin and frill edges.


Make four petals for each flower. Allow petals to dry for a few hours before attaching to the centers. Fruit trays make great flower formers and are free!


Once petals are dry, mix a little kiwi green and daffodil dust on a clean piece of paper towel.


Apply to the lower third and center of each petal.


Dust the upper two-thirds and edges of the petals with a mix of the exotic orange and poppy dusts.


A completed petal.


Assemble the flowers by attaching each petal, one at a time, to the already dry center, using floral tape.


Attach the other three petals in the same manner as the first, overlapping slightly. War the tape along the length of the wires to complete your poppy!!

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