Let's Let Out A Collective "Awww" For These 20 Baby Pigs

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PHOTO: Michael Kappel/Flickr

As we continue to celebrate Baby Animal Month at Hobby Farms, we couldn’t help but turn to the adorable, lovable piglet as our next featured farm baby. These sweeties garner a lot of attention on the farm—and we’re not going to lie, you might find our editors secretly Googling pictures of piglets during our lunch breaks. (We love piglets!)

Want to share photos of your farm’s piglets and other baby animals? Head over to our Facebook page through the month of April, where we’ll be talking about all things baby livestock.

Courtesy Ariel Waldman/Flickr

Courtesy Mandy Patterson

Courtesy Cameron Nordholm/Flickr

Courtesy Cathy Stanley Erickson/Flickr

Courtesy David Humpohl/Flickr

Courtesy Devon D. Ewart/Flickr

Courtesy Travis B.

Courtesy Diane Bradley/Flickr

Courtesy JP/Flickr

Courtesy Hasegawa Takashi/Flickr

Courtesy Cassie W.

Courtesy Fair Haven Farm

Courtesy @thurlow94/via Instagram

Courtesy @goatladynikki/via Instagram

Courtesy @goatladynikki/via Instagram

Courtesy Michael Kappal/Flickr

Courtesy Madaise/Flickr

Courtesy Kim C.

Courtesy Christi R.

Courtesy Rhonda L.

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