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The great thing about the Internet is the instant access to information. I use it on a regular basis for owner’s manuals and user suggestions. You can find almost anything in the way of how-to videos on or dozens of other “how to” sites. I got more than 5,000 responses when I Googled “how to fix a chainsaw.” Some sites rely on amateurs, while others offer high-quality professional work, placed there by a company to promote their product and services.

I recently heard about and visited a site that isn’t free, but may be well worth their $10 per month fee. Advanced Technical Training Network offers high-quality, very well-done videos using professional mechanics to walk you through preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. The site is easy to access, and it’s easy to find the information desired.

Chainsaw maintenance is broken into 13 segments that cover everything from bar to motor maintenance. While I was familiar with and practice many aspects that are covered, seeing the mechanic work through them and resolve problems was very helpful. I realized that I was guilty of not checking and cleaning the oil hole and oil channels in the bar as I should. To be perfectly honest, I am guilty of not doing a lot of other preventative maintenance items also covered in the videos. It’s nice to know I can still improve.

The one drawback to any web-based video is accessing it when you need it. The ATTN website requires online access. If you have WiFi in your home, that’s not a problem. Of course, you could always convert part of the family room to a shop!

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