Nonprofit Makes Unique Jams, Helps Homeless Moms

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Nonprofit Makes Unique Jams, Helps Homeless MomsNonprofit Makes Unique Jams, Helps Homeless Moms – Urban Farm Kitchen was started as a school project.O-Town Kitchen was started as a school project.What started as a school project has turned into a fledgling business that offers the community good food and helps homeless moms get back on their feet.O-Town Kitchen, farmer’s market, creative jams, homeless mothersnewsCari JorgensenOctober 12, 2015

Isaac Farley and his friend Nestor Robles are working on a college project at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. When you hear “college project,” you may think literature report or some sort of science experiment, but what the two are working on is a little different. Instead, they’re helping mothers who are homeless get back on their feet by employing them at O-Town Kitchen.

O-Town Kitchen, a nonprofit, makes a variety of unusual jams, such as root beer, watermelon, and tomatillo and lime, and sells them every week at the farmer’s market in Ogden, Utah, where the university is located. The money earned goes directly to the mothers working at O-Town Kitchen.

Photo via O-Town Kitchen/Facebook

Farley came to the decision to employ homeless moms based on his own experience with homelessness as a child. “I really kind of understood the struggle of moms who don’t have a place to stay or kids that are just in tough situations,” he told Fox 13.

The food O-Town Kitchen uses is produce destined to be thrown out. “We started picking up leftover food produce from local food pantries here in Weber County,” Farley told Fox 13. “That’s where all the stuff that we use comes from.”

Farley and Robles hope O-Town Kitchen expands, allowing more homeless mothers to get back on their feet.

To learn more about O-Town Kitchen, visit their website.

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